BABEL was Established to meet the demands of the marketplace for quality translation. Unlike other language service providers, BABEL is a one-stop shop offering a variety of services under one roof, thus saving clients’ valuable time in locating various language service providers.

Our team consists of language experts and trained translators and interpreters of various nationalities who provide local and international clients with accurate and reliable translation and interpretation as well as other related services.

BABEL’s vision is to create a bridge between people and businesses of different countries, cultures and languages, facilitating multilingual interaction through quality translation and interpretation.

BABEL aims to provide quality language services to governmental institutions, companies, organizations, educational institutes and individuals. Because the channels of communication are always open between our clients and BABEL and because we understand their needs, we, at BABEL, pride ourselves on offering our clients professional and dependable services. For complete reassurance and peace of mind, we treat all documents and requests in all confidentiality.


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